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Good Wishes

Good wishes to you all – who are watching this Blog.
Thanks to all members in Bolpur Comm’te who could show some spine . Thanks to our Association for effective handling of the situation.

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Friends , we ( joined as inspector 25 years ago) heard so many beautiful stories regarding our promotion from CBEC still are obsessed with promotion in near future.

Some title of these stories as follows
1) Time bound promotion
2) One time upgradation
4) Superintendent group A
5)In- situ promotion
so, friends still we are sleepless. Let CBEC tell some more new stories.



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Association men

Indeed, very few participation from the members of the cadre!
There is no fear or favour, if one writes on this Blog. It is a open board for writing . Members may write whatever they feel.
I think the association people should be able to call a spade a spade. At the same time they should be unbiased and work for the benefit of the cadre – which this committee is performing to its level best , I think.
Pls write if you differ.

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In-situ gone. Now what?

In-situ promotion vanished. Board has not filed Affidavit for change of Ratio. No intention appears also.
Whats the solution?
Only bifurcation of Board (GST & Customs) is the solution. In that case at least the posts existed/created in Central Excise will remain with us.

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It is a matter of shame that CBEC is not able to tackle any problem related to cadre even in this restructuring despite within in his knowledge where as in CBDT they planned well and hence their is no resentment in cadres and their Inspectors become Commissioners where as in Central excise despite 87% Strength of Group ‘B’ cadre retire with only one promotions. Do you call it restructuring – Just tell me against the 3000+ post of AC/DC what will be the number herein after in queue to get these posts how it will improve except one time solutions like a dying persons throat is drenched with some ‘GANAJAL’ that also for few who are going to retire very soon no benefit either of pay or even facility or working conditions for them, and rest of the life he is not getting any thing.

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Till date the number of users of this blog page is not very encouraging. Pl. see that the quantum of interactions  increases, make full use of it and give full publicity.

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1. Is there any relation between this proposed changed of RR and ‘insitu promotion’?

2. Proposal of restructuring has been sent back by Dept. of Exp. However, this will be approved with some modification as these are needed for Board’s own men i.e. IRS. Any body differ?

3. Court case is not being heard. Although Board in its minute dt. 18.02.11 has admitted that the ratio should be changed to 15:2:1. But no real/fruitful action has been taken. All restructuring proposal should be implemented on the basis of this ratio only.

Under these circumstances, all Superintendents of Cex. should consider themselves as ‘insitu pensioner’ . Am I wrong?

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Revision/Amendment in Recruitment Rules for various posts under CBEC

Please go through the attachment in the Notice Board and offer your comments.

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Do you think this Board will do anything for Central Excise ?

From past records it appears that this Board will do nothing for Central Excise officers – not to speak of In situ Promotions, unless we can lodge a strong agitation. Do you agree?

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